Role of Education in Personality Development

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Role of Education in Personality Development
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From early childhood, education plays a role in forming the personality of an individual. Education starting from early childhood and throughout life helps in no small measure in developing the personalities of children. It helps them learn to be accountable for their actions and aware of their position and place in the world.

Early Childhood Education
Quality education from the beginning will help the child build a good foundation so parents need to make the right choices of schools that will help their children develop the requisite skills.

This is the foundation for every child and at this stage they are engaged in various tasks with meaning that enable them develop themselves gradually and progressively. The children learn how to express themselves and participate in decision making. They could be taught using different methods how to express what they have in mind. This stimulates and arouses their minds and ultimately develops their personality in the process. It is the emotions, character traits and cognitive abilities that come together to make up the personality. As the children advance from this stage, they are exposed to one type of learning or the other which all form part of the knowledge that they have acquired. Some of the benefits of early childhood education include:

- Children learn how to socialize with others
- Children learn how to co-operate with others
- Identifying children's areas of need

Learning life lessons in a fun and exciting way
- They learn the value of respect for each other and others
- They learn the value of team work
- They learn how to be resilient
- They learn how to concentrate on tasks
- They learn patience
- They begin to develop confidence and self-esteem
- They are exposed to children of diverse culture

Impact of Teachers on Children
Teachers can make a lasting impression on children as they grow up. In school, there is a lot that they can do to help the young ones aspire to be great in the future. The teacher can exhibit certain character traits which they would want to imbibe. Characteristics such as patience, calmness, gentleness are good traits which students can learn from their teachers. Teachers should also be knowledgeable as children may be attracted to this and decide that they want to be like them. The educators and not just the system of education can make an impression on the child's memory that would help him through life.

The method of teaching in the classroom also affects the ability of the children to learn faster. The school needs to adopt the appropriate method, which may be audio, visual or direct teaching method, which best suits the student. It is important to understand that every child has their unique way of understanding what is taught. The teacher can also help the student develop and major in their areas of strengths while also working on their weak areas. Excessive criticism and scolding do not help children rather proper guidance and encouragement go a long way.

The teacher should also focus on guiding them to develop the right moral character and help them to integrate well with their classmates. They need to be taught social skills as this will be of use to them as they grow up.

In the school, teachers could implement certain strategies to help in the personality development of their students. Some of these include:

- Teach them how to be positive in life: This is a key aspect of personality that would help them live a fulfilled life. Positivity breeds confidence so it is important that teachers help to inculcate this value into their students.

- Shared Learning: Ensure that there are sessions when

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every student shares what they have learnt about themselves to hearing of their classmates.

- Get them to write letters to themselves: You can get your students to write letters to themselves about their plans for the future, their friends and to write out what goals they would like to accomplish in the next one year. You can then get them to seal them and self-address them. They would then hand them over to you to be sent back to them in the next one year.

- Drawing self portraits: You can also get the students to draw self portraits of themselves. One half of the picture can be a depiction of how they see themselves and the other half how others see them. They should then be asked how they see themselves and how they feel others see them.

- Pair the students with someone not close to them and give them a few minutes to interview each other and get them to tell what they have learned about that person.

Education generally exposes individuals to knowledge and information that is restricted to the school. They are given the opportunity to question beliefs which they have had in the past which handed over to them by their parents. Through education, they are able to search and find answers to naughty issues. They also learn how to be independent and the various ways conflicts can be handled and resolved. It also helps to give them some form of professional, financial and social security for the future. It helps individuals discover what their passions and interests are and how to work hard to fulfil them. It also helps young people to develop ideas and thoughts which would provide them with options in their lives. It helps them take ownership of their lives and helps them earn a living in order to support themselves and their families. It helps people to learn how to be analytical in their thinking and strengthens their thought process. It has a great influence on the process of personality development of individuals. Their knowledge, belief and thinking pattern are all influenced in one way or the other by the level of education and exposure they have had. The level of knowledge an individual determines the level of confidence they have in themselves, the ability to choose from good and bad, helps them get good jobs to take care of themselves.

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