Romantic Relationship With Boss

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Romantic Relationship With Boss
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In this article, I will be examining the issue of developing and maintaining a romantic relationship with your boss in the office place. This cuts across both males and females and even involves not only those that are single but also the married. I will also try to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of allowing a romantic relationship between you and your boss. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of romantic relationships that have developed in the work place. This may not be surprising because most employees in today's world spend at least 7 hours each day at work and most of this time is spent in the company of colleagues. This leads to relationships being developed that may become romantic in nature.

It is important to point out that maintaining a romantic relationship with not just your colleague but your boss can lead to complications. Some people may prefer to date their bosses in the work place because of the position the individual occupies but it is really not advisable. This is because it would surely have some consequences over time and these may be negative. I will examine some of the things that may lead to this type of relationship then proceed to highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Causes of such romantic relationships

1. Pressure from bosses

Sometimes, the pressure may come from a superior to his subordinate to engage in a romantic relationship. This may

be intimidating to the junior employee and force them to accept such requests from their bosses. This pressure may be continuous pestering; extra workload being assigned to such employee; delayed promotion; special favours and gifts from the boss, etc. All of the points listed would in one way or the other put the employee in an uncomfortable position and those without enough will power eventually succumb.

2. Marital problems

Romantic relationships also can be as a result of marital crisis. The employee or the boss may see this as an escape route from the problems they face at home. As they spend more time with each other in the work place, they may feel the desire to satisfy the loneliness in their lives.

3. Inordinate ambition

Some employee who might have some ambition or desire to rise up in the ranks in the work place may accept such overtures from a boss who is flirty. They may see this as an opportunity to get promotions and other perks easier.

4. Long working hours

When colleagues spend a lot of time working together in the office, there are bonds that can develop between them. It is very easy for such a relationship to develop into the romantic type because they have a lot of common interests and shared goals. This makes them understand each other better and can lead to a romantic relationship.

5. Working on the same team

This type of relationship can also easily be developed among colleagues who are working on a particular project together. When they are pursuing a particular assignment as team members, such feelings can also start developing within them.

The advantages of such romantic relationships include:

1. Such relationships can have a good impact on the productivity levels of the organisation as the energy between such people will be positive. They will tend to understand each other better and emit the right attitude in the work place. It can also bring about better communication, increased creativity and improved morale which are all factors that would boost productivity.

2. It may bring about greater efficiency in the work place and produce better results in projects that are being handled by such employees.

3. It would lead to new initiatives being developed which would also affect the organisation in a positive way.

4. The office environment

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generally becomes more productive and there is a reduction in conflicts between employees. It improves teamwork and cooperation among colleagues.

5. The junior employee could benefit from promotions that are influenced by the boss in their favour. There may be other favours that could be extended to them because of their closeness with the boss.

6. The colleagues involved in such relationships would have enough time to get to see and know each other because they work together most of the day. This would enable them understand each other better.

7. It reduces the risk of cheating by either partner as they spend a lot of time together at work.

Disadvantages also include:

1. It can also have some negative impact on the progress of the employee in the event that they break up with the boss.

2. It could affect the job of either party as most companies have policies which do not encourage such relationships. Most times, it is the subordinate that bears the brunt from such policies as it could to loss of job.

3. It may also affect the relationship of the affected employee with other team members in the office. It would be difficult to keep the relationship with the boss hidden for very long and this can cause conflicts and fight with others. There is also the possibility of getting distracted by every movement of the boss within the office because of personal interest. This could affect the productivity level of the employee.

4. Being in constant contact with each other in the work place can also be a recipe for disaster. It is usually good to give a partner space often but in this type of romantic relationship, it would be difficult as the employee and boss work in the same location and would bump into each other regularly.

5. There may be some leak in confidential information from the boss to his employee. Every organisation, department or unit have some information that should not be disclosed to everyone. Where there is a romantic relationship existing, it would be a little bit difficult to keep information secret. This is risky for any organisation because such information may get to their competitors and rivals.

We have seen the advantages and disadvantages of such relationships. As with every other important decision in life, it is left for the individual to make their choice.

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