Self Development Goals

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Self Development Goals
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Life is all about moving forward so anyone that is not interested in developing themselves should not expect to make any meaningful progress. Everyone desires to improve the quality of their lives, become better people and achieve more but they need to understand that this does not happen by mistake. It comes by a conscious effort and deliberate effort of self development.

Self development is all about self improvement. What are the things you need to accomplish that would make you a better person than you were before?. What sacrifices do you need to make to achieve this? It involves time, commitment, dedication and focus. It is the picture you see of your future that drives you towards self development. What are your goals in life? Until you discover your goals, you will not be moved to do anything that makes your life meaning in the present and future. Like we know, a goal, simply put is what you want to achieve.

Some self development goals that will be of help to you are discussed below.

Learn to talk Less

To become a better tomorrow, you need to aspire to develop this character. You are seen to be wiser when you speak less. Learn to listen more and show people that you are interested in what they have to say. This does not mean you should listen to every rubbish someone wants to say but you must be ready to listen rather than talk at every opportunity. People who talk less earn more respect and are seen to be matured.

It also makes you out to be intelligent and smart as people will observe that you talk only when it is necessary. Assess yourself each day and check how much listening you do than talking. To help you speak less, always pay attention first to what is being said. It is also important that you indicate that you are paying attention by nodding or smiling. To show that you are interested in the topic, you can also ask questions. Learn to think before you speak and remember that the more you speak, the less the ability to focus on other important issues.

Learn how to be patient

You need to learn patience as there will be many situations that would try it. Be patient with people and do not have very high expectations from them. To exercise a sense of patience, you will need to have a positive mental attitude. Also bear in mind that apart from working hard, you will always achieve what you want with patience. It is require in everything you do in life. Impatience pushes you to make mistakes but you need to remember that for you to achieve your goals, you will always need to be patient. If you are not patient, you will give up on your relationships, goals and all that is important to you. Bear in mind that anything worthwhile takes time.

Read more

One of the other things that would help you in developing yourself is your interest in reading. It exposes you to knowledge and information that you may not be able to find elsewhere. There is a lot you can learn by reading. It helps to build your vocabulary and boosts your confidence. Develop a good reading habit, if you can, aspire to read one book perhaps in a day or week. Set a target for yourself as this will help you read a lot more. To develop a good habit reading, keep books and reading materials which interest you all around. You can also consider joining a book club. To make reading interesting, look out for materials that interest you and start reading. You can also visit book fairs to learn about new authors and other interesting literature that are available.

Wake early

One of your self-development goals should be to wake early. Early risers have more energy to help them accomplish their daily goals. It helps to improve

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the quality of life and one way this helps you set aside time in the morning to commune with yourself. Having quiet time enables you to reflect on the previous day and plan ahead for the day's activities. It is also said to improve the quality of sleep you get as your body is able to adjust to your routine of sleeping and waking. If you wake early, you can also give time to exercising and workouts which would improve your general well being. It also has a positive impact on your mental health and helps to reduce stress in your life. In various studies carried out, it was observed that early risers are usually more productive and proactive. When they wake early, they are able to avoid distractions and interruptions which come when others have started waking up. They have rested enough and are at their best so they are able to get things done quicker and better. Many of those who rise early make better decisions, plan properly and set the right goals. Early rises are able to settle down to have their breakfast and do not have to rush out because they are running late for work or an appointment. In a research conducted by Texas University, it was observed that for students, rising early helps them score better and have overall good grade points.

Develop good habits

A habit is formed easily when you practice it over time. It can be a struggle but good habits help you accomplish great things in life. In order to first of all develop goals. You need to know what it is exactly you want to achieve. The goal must be specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic and time bound. The next step is to identify the habit you want to form. It is a good idea if the habits you want to develop are in line with your goals. Then write down the good habits that would help you accomplish your goal. You can now discover what is motivating you to form that habit. The next thing is to take small steps towards your goal.

Build your spirit

You need to remember that man is a spirit with a soul and body. Your focus should be only taking of your body but learn more about the other aspects of your being. Find out how you can nourish the non physical parts of your being. This will help you in the self development process.

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