Self Growth Meaning

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Self Growth Meaning
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This is all about what an individual does to make all aspects of their lives better. Self growth brings us closer to realizing our potential in life. It is achieved through various activities that make you more self aware and helps you create your own identity. It prevents external influences from stopping people from the fulfilment of the dreams.

It is very important that individuals realize that they hold the key to their success in life because within them is the solution to every problem they face but many are looking for solutions outside. There are also those who are blaming other people for the problems they struggle with. It is important to state here that change is possible only after there has been change within. We all need a paradigm shift sometimes as this will help us to discover ourselves.

Self growth is a process that may start slowly but as we are committed to our goals, the effect of our efforts will be noticed. This process may involve reading articles and books that teach us the principles but it is the personal effort and practice that brings about the change we desire. If our self growth plans are to produce results, we must also be motivated from inside because without any inner motivation, we would never be able to achieve anything. We also need a strong desire for change for without desire, we would have no reason to think of improving ourselves. There must be a desire for change and growth as this propels us to do all

that is required. Also, anyone who wants growth in their lives must be ambitious else they will lack a reason for living and would be unable to see the big picture.

Perseverance and dedication to your self growth plan are important factors that will ensure that it will be successful. There are external challenges that would want to stop you from pursuing your goal. Your old bad habits and mindset may be a hindrance to stop you from what your plans but if you persevere, they would fizzle away.

Simple Self Growth Tips

- Observe how other people behave in various challenging situations and resolve to do better if you are in those same situations. You can develop yourself to the point that you simply respond in a better and more mature way when faced challenges. When we observe others, it is easier to see how we are perceived by people around. If you do not feel great about the way someone reacted to a problem, you learn how not to treat people if you were also in the same situation. This way, it is easier for you to deal with the negative traits you have and become a better person. Determine in yourself that you will behave and respond differently even when you are provoked. In the same way that negative traits are picked, you can also decide to pick only positive traits from the people that you observe. It can also help you to paint a mental picture of the type of personality you would always want to have. Using this technique, you will see how valuable it is to maintain a positive mindset and think healthy thoughts.

- Watch the way that people talk and walk. You can also see the reactions they get from other passersby. This would show you how to behave also.

- Learn to watch the way people use their voice when they are reacting to other people's voices. You can also watch to see your reaction when people shout or speak calmly and when they speak angrily or rudely.

- Assess yourself always to understand your own behavioural tendencies and where you need to make some changes.

- Use positive affirmations to stop yourself from manifesting these traits or behaviour. Gradually, you will begin to develop a new nature and grow in it. Always

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speak to yourself about this.

- Keep pictures of how you would react in certain situations. Ensure that you maintain only the positive ones.

- If you fail, keep at it. Never give up. No matter how many times you fail to behave properly, keep reminding yourself until it becomes a part of you.

Benefits of self growth

- One major benefit of self growth is that it helps individuals work with the purpose of improving the quality of their life.

- The self growth process enables you rediscover self. It is only when you are working to improve the things you know about yourself that you discover more. Many individuals do not really know what they are capable of achieving until they take a step to grow themselves. Through this process, you can easily find out what your passion is and the hindrances that limit you.

- Self growth processes are useful but sometimes a difficult one. It helps to energize people who have tried to go through it and helps them achieve dreams they never believed was possible.

- It helps you handle things you had been afraid to talk about with anyone. This process will enable hidden secrets to be exposed so that those things that have brought fear into your life are unveiled. This in turn brings relief to the individual.

- It also helps to boost your confidence level. Many people lack the requisite strength of character to pursue their dreams and in this world where there are a lot of negative news and tough challenges facing them, self growth helps them develop confidence to become the person of their dreams.

- When you are focused on your self growth goals, you do not allow the negative opinions of those that are close to you. If you face your goals, you will gradually stop worrying about what anyone says about you. The society, parents and peers all want to influence our decisions and make us conform to the norm and ideal of the society. This is a great benefit as it prevents you from being distracted. A wise man once said that 'failure is an orphan', that is why everyone is drawn to success so if you hold on to your growth plans and goals, they would all come back to you.

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