Self Improvement

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Self Improvement
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What is self improvement? It is described simply as the process by which an individual improves himself. It is a really broad topic but I would try to narrow it down to provide easy understanding, help you easily grasp its true meaning and enable you to take practical steps towards the improvement of self. It is the act of improving oneself and consists of the actions, decisions, resolutions taken by individuals towards the attainment of a set goal. Like I said, it is broad and can be applied in different ways. You also need to understand that the journey towards self improvement is continuous and as it is said, "success in anything is a journey and not a destination."

Some things to keep in mind
There are three (3) important things anyone who wants to improve himself or the circumstances around him must hold closely. Without them, self improvement will be unachievable. These help the individual to clearly identify the steps that need to be taken to bring about growth and progress in his circumstances. These are:
- A vision: Without any particular vision in mind, your journey towards self improvement will be aborted early. There must be a picture of what you desire or want to improve on in your life. Your hope of improving your life and circumstances will just be a dream without vision.
- A goal: This will enable you define your destination and how to get there. It may be a goal related to improving yourself

in respect to your marriage, business, academics or job. Goals should be categorized as short, medium or long term to enable you take stock as you move on this journey.
Short term goals- what you want to accomplish in the near future, possibly in the next 2-3 months; Medium term goals- what you want to achieve in maybe 3 months - 3 years; and Long term goals- the things you want to achieve in 3 or more years.

You will also need to develop goals that are SMART. The S- your goals must be specific or else they are really not goals but dreams. M- the goals you set for yourself must be measurable, that is, you know exactly what you will experience or feel when these goals are attained. A- these goals must be attainable, therefore, you should weigh the costs, time and effort required. R- the goals you have set should also be relevant to you and what you intend to achieve. T- your goals should have timelines attached to them to show if progress is being made.
- A plan: There must be a plan in place that will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself in the area of self improvement. What needs to be done and how it should be done are all contained within the plan.

Factors that help Self Improvement
- Speak Right: To achieve improve in every area of your life, the words of your mouth play a great role. Your words are powerful so you should be conscious of the type of communication that proceeds from your mouth at all times. There is saying that "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." What you say about yourself and situations matter. You will need to learn how to speak right words at all times.
- Think Right: As you think, so you are. If you are thinking failure and still expect to succeed, you will only be dreaming. You can't speak right and then think wrongly and still expect things around you to improve. Your thoughts are powerful and help to form the pictures of the type of life you envisage you will enjoy in the future. You must think good and clear thoughts always as these help to attract the right people and circumstances to you.
- Form new Habits: Habits are very powerful. Your daily habits go a long way in determining how your

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life will be. It takes a while to form any type of habit - good or bad.
Decide to develop habits that will help you fulfil your self improvement goals. Do you need to cut down on time spent watching television or surfing the internet? Will you start exercising and eat better in order to stay healthy? Will you read more everyday to improve your skills? Can you start taking action and stop procrastinating? Do you need to write down important dates or names of special friends and relatives? Good habits can be developed daily as long as you are committed to it.
- Commit to finish all you start: Don't abandon whatever you start halfway. Follow up and ensure you complete all tasks well.
- Don't remain in your comfort zone: Step out of your comfort zone and face your fears. Dare to be different. Dare to do something that looks bigger than you.
- Meditation: Create time daily or weekly to meditate in quiet environment. This special time will enable you battle issues that may be bothering your mind and clear up the way for greater productivity. The act helps you reflect on your life and focus your energy towards more productive work.
- Stay Grateful: Always remember to be grateful for the opportunities you have been given in life. Be thankful for the lessons learned from the season of failure.

Benefits of Self Improvement
Self improvement comes with a lot of benefits to the individual who pursues it conscientiously.
- Purpose-driven life: You will begin to live a purpose-driven life and will not grope around just existing. As you strive towards self-improvement, your life has better meaning and impacts positively on those around you.
- Stress reduction: It reduces stress in daily living and the struggle for success. As your life improves, stress is removed. When you improve yourself, the quality of your life improves also.
- Creates Healthy Relationships: As you correct the things which do not work for you; your attitude, lifestyle and interpersonal relationships will also greatly improve.
- Develops healthy and positive habits: Another wonderful benefit of improving self is that it helps you cultivate and maintain healthy and positive habits in life.

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