Stages of Personality Development

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Stages of Personality Development
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There are various stage of personality development and various levels at each stage.

The stages of Personality Development namely are :

→Physical personality development
→Mental personality development
→Emotional personality development
→Social personality development
→Financial personality development
→Spiritual personality development, and many more.

Physical personality development :

At the physical personality development level the overall physical growth of human being is considered. Always remember there's no limits of human growth in all above shown aspects except For the physical one. At this stage the bigger the better is not applicable. Like, overly heavy body or extremely slim & skinny one may not be much welcome in the social settings. Extremely dwarf or too much tall may get the same response again. The physique of a personnel should be of proper height & weight at a particular age level. Personal grooming is included as well. Poor dressing is not welcome at this stage.

The next level of stages of personality development is mental Personality development:

One must be of the proper moral value at all levels including at mental level. Proper thoughts and thinking towards one self and others, towards their & own duties and karmas & towards life. Critical or overly analytical thinking mentality not

only harms one but others as well. Mentally practicing loving kindness, and generosity, Forgiveness, pardoning and mercy is obviously a good sign of properly developed mental personality.

Mental personality includes one's mentality, ethics, life values & business or money making policies. It also includes proper judgement abilities. And above all the positive attitude is a sure sign of success in a properly developed mental personality.

The next level of stages of Personality development is Emotional personality development.

Again with mental personality, emotional growth holds equal importance. Ability to let go, being able to practice loving kindness, sharing and giving, generosity and non.stealing. Practicing love for all is the utmost development of emotional personality development. Giving and sharing is also part considered in social personality development.

Social Personality Development:

Please refer to my post article.What is social development ?

The next level of stages of personality development is Financial personality development:

It is again necessary part of over all development of a personnel. One needs to have very authentic, demanding and successful financial life. Financial development is necessary for a good and healthy, happy family life and social life. One should live not a very high life style that may lead him to be financially broke. Neither one should be overly miser in not spending money even to fulfill family and

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one's own basic needs. Balance is necessary. One should be living the life of moderation and spending and investing wisely and calculatively. Over spending may lead to financial troubles.

One should be good investor so as to invest wisely. And also one must be aware of market risks & situations. Step by step, small amounts with a long vision turns in to a big inflow. Also, don't put all your eggs in a single basket.

Out of many levels of stager of personality development is spiritual personality development.

Worldly knowledge, Vasudhava Kutumbakam, the whole world is a family, spiritual love, godly love, vastness of universality, worldly consciousness, oneness with all etc, are but a few more examples of spiritual development. Or spiritual personality development.

A spiritually developed personality is always popular and famous at National, international or global level. It again depends on the level of his development. Some age famous up to the city or state level only because they are less spiritually developed than those who are internally famous.

A spiritually developed personality is always on a top most commanding position like a P.M., a renowned author, actor, singer, movie Airector, producer or a very successful business man. It is always like this. Guaranteed.

Finding oneness among all castes & creed, religions and considering them one and equal, helping even the neighbouring and enemy countries while in need, is another example of a well spiritually developed personality.

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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