Team Leader Responsibilities In Call Center

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Team Leader Responsibilities In Call Center
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In every business unit or organization, groups of employees are usually put in teams in order to help in the accomplishment of certain specific goals. The team is tasked with responsibilities and has a leader that directs and coordinates its activities. Without a leader, it would be difficult for the team to accomplish much and their activities would not be properly coordinated. The same thing applies to a call center. The employees also work in teams which make it easier to carry out the daily assignments required in the center.

A call center is a place where incoming and outgoing voice calls from customers are handled by call agents. Most times, they have a large team of agents to take care of these calls and can be set up to provide services for companies that are involved in different businesses. They help companies reach out to existing and potential customers; market their products; handle complaints or resolve issues and increase their customer base. There are various innovative technologies that are used by call centers and these include: speech recognition, workforce management and queuing system. Employees, in these call centers are in teams which enables the pursuit and achievement of the organisation's goals a bit easier and helps reduce response time.

The leader has a lot of responsibilities that he needs to handles and I shall be highlighting a few of them below.

1. The team leader must be a good manager of

people if they are going to succeed in the discharge of their duties. They must know how to handle relationships with their colleagues in the workplace and must treat everyone with respect. Managing people is not an easy task especially in a call center setting and it requires skill and wisdom because of the different personality types that each individual possesses. The success or failure of the team would largely depend on this. They must be able to match resources available with the team members. It is important that in such a work environment, customers requests should be handled quickly and queues should not be allowed to form as this would add greater pressure on the team members.

2. The leader should also be one that understands the importance of delegating responsibilities. They must give other members of the team a chance to contribute their best and never allow themselves to feel that without them, the team would not function. Delegation of authority makes the job of the leader much easier and reduces the burden they have to bear. It also enables tasks to be completed faster.

3. The team leader in a call centre must be able to understand the trends that occur in this type of workplace. He must be hands-on and involved in its daily activities. They should be able to identify the shifts, hours and days that are the busiest and increase the number of agents on his team at those times. This would enable the team achieve more and reduce pressure on its workers. The team leader must be a good planner and ensure that each day, week and month is properly planned ahead of time. Planning helps o ease tension and pressure in a call center. If there are softwares that could help him achieve his goal, he can make requests from his superiors. His responsibility also includes drawing up a work time table for the team members so that each person knows what is expected from them.

4. The team leader also helps to drive performance by leading them properly. He must show by example his dedication and commitment to his assignment and this would encourage the other members of his team to put in their best to their work. The leader should be available to provide the needed support and direction when it is needed. They are also responsible for providing the required training and a conducive environment for the team to thrive.

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Training the agents is the responsibility of the leader and this would help improve productivity in the workplace.

5. The team leader is also in charge of ensuring that the communication channel between Management and the team is effective and should be able to pass across information in a timely and professional manner. He must help to build a cordial work relationship between both sides and provide feedback when it is required. They must also be good communicators to those that work with them in order to motivate them to achieve the full potential. Their communication should be clear and simple. Listening is an important communication skill and the leader should be a good listener so that they can be able pick signals when agents may be disgruntled or frustrated over something. They must pay close attention when dealing with their agents and provide them with the needed encouragement when it is needed.

6. The leader should be a problem solver and make efforts to provide solutions when challenges arise. They should not create more problems but resolve them with the knowledge and wisdom that they have developed over the years.

7. The leader must show empathy to the agents that work in his team. He must not be insensitive or display arrogance in the discharge of his assignment. It is important that every member of the team is made to feel important in the work place. This would encourage them to work with passion.

8. The leader must be one who can easily adapt to changing circumstances in the work place. He must be able to apply solutions whenever there are challenges.

9. It is also the responsibility of the team leader to set targets for the individual agents on his team and ensure that those who perform are encouraged to do better. He is also responsible for measuring the performance level of each person.

10. The team leader helps to streamline processes and procedures for the agent which makes it easier for them to carry out their duties.

11. The person who leads the team is also responsible for providing daily, weekly or monthly reports to his Supervisor or Manager in order to determine performance levels.

The team leader is an important position in any call center and they have a whole lot of responsibilities.

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