Theories of Personality Development

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Theories of Personality Development
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As discussed earlier there are different stages and levels of personality development. And so theories of personality development also vary. In fact they vary culture to culture, place to place, and religion to religion.

A well dressed, well groomed, well behaved gentleman may be must and most welcome in a western cultured country where as in the third world or underdeveloped countries or religiously orthodox countries such personality may be considered too much advanced or offensive.

In certain rigid caste and creed and sub-castes, they have got a typical dressing. Even not for females, for males also they have got certain ornaments to be worn along with their dressings. If not, they are considered apart form their religion or caste, At their level, their fixed dress code is only fully developed personality. Western wears or any other clothing other then this is not permissible. Thus in a highly advanced, well developed environment or countries the sense of dressing, grooming in a lot more different then in the tribals. In fact, tribals too have their own dressing sense, grooming tactics. Which they consider to be the best but might not be welcome in an advanced world.

A part from this : Theories of personality development are different at all levels. It's not only personal grooming or well dressing. It's food beliefs, culture, beliefs, health beliefs, religions beliefs and many more. They vary, place to place, culture to culture.


the celestial times, the well developed personality was like brave, a good hunter, provider and protector for females and families, the good clothings were not included, a good hair style, positive body language etc., were not even into existence. Then came the farming, water harvesting, heating the food, cooking the food, clothing one's self properly, all these came down in ancient times, And became famous widely.

In both ancient and celestial times men used to be provider and protector only but now in an advanced world of that of today's they are much more than that. In fact they need to be. To survive. And to thrive.

Food manners are also gradually developed. In certain culture they share the food from the same dish where in western they might not.

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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