What Is Personal Development Why Is It Important

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What Is Personal Development Why Is It Important
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Personal development has to do with the process that individuals go through to understand and develop themselves in order to realize their potentials. It enables individuals understand themselves better and helps them discover who they really are. It can be said to be a process of daily self discovery. Personal development must first be initiated by the individual involved for it to be effective. Individuals must learn to develop their skills and abilities if they are to profit maximally. To achieve personal development, the individual must be focused and determined. It is impossible for a lazy and unserious person to develop himself because he would lack the patience and discipline to do it. It is also unfortunate that not many people have understood the need for personal development in their lives. They seem to focus on external activities rather than developing themselves.

Personal development is a process that affects all the aspects of an individual's life such as: academic, spiritual, emotional, social, mental and physical. It helps in the development of these aspects which allows people to live productively and enable them achieve their full potential. It plays a great role in bringing growth, success and happiness into our lives.

There are lots of benefits that this process would give to the individual and that is why it should be emphasized at home, school, work and business places.

How Personal Development

affects various aspects of Life

Personal development has appositive effect on different aspects of individual's existence. It helps people focus on what they need to do in order to develop themselves.

- Spiritual
Individuals may desire to grow spiritually and for this to happen, they must take certain decisions and get involved in activities that would bring spiritual growth. They would need to be disciplined and more focused on eternal things than the physical things which we see. The benefits of such a lifestyle would be seen after a while as the individual continues to live in a certain pattern.

- Physical
An individual has various things about their physical appearance which they may want to change or improve upon. It may be in the area of dressing or a need to start attending the gymnasium to build muscles or just to exercise. They may also need to read books which would guide them to achieve their desired end. In this way physical personal development goals can be attained.

- Social
An individual may be anti-social and lacks the skills to relate with people in the public space or at work. They may be timid and desire a change of this particular type of behavior. This requires some work and setting of some personal development goals that would make this possible.

- Academic It may also be useful for one who desires to develop himself academically. They would need to set certain goals and strictly follow them if they are ever going to be realized. Success in any area we desire personal development comes with some sacrifice.

Our mental and emotional states are determined by the efforts we have put into developing ourselves in that area. Things don't just change by themselves but by a conscious and determined effort on the part of the individual involved.

Importance of Personal Development

This subject cannot be overemphasized because it is very important and has a lot of benefits it brings into our lives. Some of these points are highlighted below.

1. It changes and improves our lives
Personal development brings positive change and improvement to our lives. It is important to understand that change must begin with the individual and affects others that are around. It is impossible for anyone to change another forcefully but should focus

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on changing themselves first and then others would learn from them and desire to change.

2. It helps you stop negativity in your life
Personal development opens you up to several possibilities in life. When you focus on developing yourself, you will begin to see things differently and start daring things which seemed impossible for you in the past. It helps you to stop every form of negative thinking and speaking and enables you focus on the positives in your life.

3. Personal development helps individuals to find their purpose in life. Many people lack direction and simply follow the bandwagon to anywhere they are headed. It will help you discover your strengths and the things that would help you fulfill your purpose in life. It gives you the strength to go the extra mile to find out things about yourself and this will ultimately bring you to good success. Purpose is important because it is what keeps an individual going in life. Without a definite purpose for living, life becomes a burden and this leads to disillusionment and discouragement. So, you see how important personal development is to us. It also helps you create your life out of unfavourable circumstances.

4. Personal development helps individuals to learn the importance of time management. Many people don't value time and do not understand that any minute wasted is a great loss. Time is money, a wise man said, so it is necessary that we manage the few hours that is given to us each day. It enables people learn how to use their time effectively to their own benefit.

5. Personal development teaches individuals ways through which they can face the tough challenges of life and handle the stress of daily living. We all go through different forms of trials but it is the ability to manage these things and how they affect us that matters and determines how far we will go in life.

6. Personal development is also useful as it helps in managing our finances wisely. When undergoing this process, we may begin to learn how to save and plan based on what we have available and not borrow to finance certain things we desire in our lives.

7. It helps to plan and live a balanced lifestyle.

8. It can also have a positive impact on our health as it helps becomes disciplined with our eating and drinking habits.

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