What is Social development

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What is Social development
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Constant development is a part of mother earth including all life. Social development is a part of human race. As it is said,"Human is a social animal." Human needs to be socially developed. We humans live in different societies. They very from casts, creed, religion, countries to countries. At all these levels humans have been developing themselves socially.

What is a social development, if you have a look through history, there are many many torch bearers like Raja Rammohan Rai, Swami Dayanand Saraswatiji of Tankara who insisted on widow remarriage in old era of Indian. This way they did much of social development in the old underdeveloped society in India. Widows in old era were not allowed to remarry and had live a sole troublesome life. Thanks to all those torch bearers who highly educated the people to allow widows (Including teenagers & school goers widows) to remarry and thus enforce the social development of human race in India.

Daughters and girls weren't permitted to study or do jobs in medieval time out now the scenario has completely changed and daughters are the most scoring topper students of the era ever, In fact including government, private NGOs also highly encourage female education. Girls students everywhere are now being on top in jobs, government jobs, MNCS, medical, and you name it. They are out performing the males and boys in a male dominated country like India. This is what is social development can be said to be. But

this social development is not over night the great torch bearers, reformers including Swami Vivekananda and many others, the government have been since decades trying their best to bring out the change in to the society. What we see now a noticeable result.

If you again think what is social development, we can divide social development in various aspects:
→Social development at International level.
→Social development at National level.
→Social development at Religion level.
→Social development at Caste & Creed level.
→Social development at Family level.
→Social development at Individual level.

What is Social development?

Social development at international level:
Any country when starts developing at international level at sports level, tourism level, political level is called social development at international level. The best example can be said the students exchange programme between two international universities.

Social development at National level:
The best example of social development at National level is India. As it is said since centuries," India is unity in diversity." It's only India where a Muslim would keep fast during not only Ramadan but also during Navratri or Shravana month. Same is applicable to many of Hindus too. The social development of India is up to that level that not only Hindu festivals are celebrated encouragingly but also Muslim and Christian festivals too are celebrated enthusiastically. This can be said as a social development at National level.

Also, cleanliness awareness, food hygiene, personal hygiene are part

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of social development.

Social development at Religion level:
In ancient times the tradition of offering the goat or any other animal to please god or goddess is now replaced with or only limited with offering flowers or fruits. This can be said as the best example of social development at Religion level.

Social development at Caste & Creed level:
When some particular caste or subcaste gives away the old orthodox traditions or customs and starts adopting new ones.It can be said as social development at caste or creed level.

Social development at Family level:
As the Family grows bigger & older most probably the social development is up to some extent automatic but personal attention on children is a must by both parents & grand children. Developing a child socially, training them how to behave, teaching them do's and donts, party manners, food manners, daily habits etc, are a must for overall development and growth of not only children out whole family as "today's children are tomorrow's citizens" Good, healthy & effective communication is a part of social development at not only family but business & societal level also.

Social development at Individual level :
What is social development at individual level? It is being modest, behaving properly, well self disciplined, following rules & regulation and code of conduct of a country, place, organization.

Wearing suitable clothings, using appropriate language and behaviour especially against ladies, girls and women is extremely vital & required at individual level in a good society.

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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